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La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas, in Dallas Texas, celebrates the history of Texas by annually saluting the flag from one of the six countries that at one time ruled the land. Whether the flag be from Spain, France, Mexico, The Republic of Texas, the Confederacy, or the United States, each participating young lady is assigned a title expressing an aspect of the country that has been chosen for that year. Each of the 40 costume gowns is then individually designed to reflect the young lady's title, often reflecting the historic era the title is from, and taking into consideration her preferences and personal taste.

La Fiesta de las Seis, in Dallas Texas

The Shreveport Cotillion, in Shreveport Louisiana, celebrates life through a wide variety of themes, chosen each year by the current Chairman of the Cotillion. Our designer works closely with each Chairman, creating costumes that express the current theme and celebrate the gala. This presentation is attended by a Royal Court, consisting of a King, Queen, Prince and Princess, 16-18 Ladies of the Court, and 4 each of royal pages and heralds. Once the costumes are designed and fabrics chosen, each is then individually fit and tailored to compliment and present the individual who will don the apparel. Each gentleman becomes a dashing King or Prince Charming and each young lady, whether she be the Queen of the Cotillion, the Princess or one of the Ladies of the Court, is resplendent in her exquisite attire.

The Shreveport Collection in Shreveport Louisiana

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